Music at Broadheath

“Music is the universal language of mankind.”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Our intent in Music

At Broadheath Primary School, we are passionate about music, and it is an important part of both our creative curriculum, and the wider life of the school. We apply our Believe, Practise, Succeed philosophy to all our musical endeavours and the children understand that this is how progress is made. We use adaptive practises to ensure our music curriculum and extra-curricular activities are accessible to all because we understand that music has a positive impact on all who are lucky enough to experience it.

 In order to become musicians, the children begin building their skills and knowledge through song and experimenting with sound. As they progress through the school, they develop their listening, performing and composing, learning to use formal written notation and musical language.

 How we Implement our Music Curriculum

Music in the classroom

The children enjoy weekly music lessons, learning a wide range of musical skills. We cover the Programmes of Study from the National Curriculum, ensuring children all learn about the following:

  • Listening to and appraising music from a range of genres
  • Performing
  • Composing and improvising
  • Exploring how music is created using the inter-related dimensions of music (pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure and notation)

 Singing is a very important part of the music curriculum at Broadheath and each key stage has a weekly singing assembly. Children build their musical skills through learning a range of songs, and develop their sense of community and well-being by singing together.

 Developing a sense of community be learning and performing together is reinforced by the whole-class instrumental lessons we enjoy as part of our creative curriculum, including whole-class ukulele lessons.

 We work closely with Trafford Music Service (TMS) to provide further musical development for our pupils. We subscribe to the Wider Opportunities initiative which provides whole class instrument tuition to years 1, 3 and 5, culminating in a concert for parents and carers. It is a wonderful scheme and is thoroughly enjoyed by children and teachers alike!

 Extra-curricular music

We have a thriving extra-curricular music program at Broadheath, including:

 We aim to give children opportunities to perform both in school and in the wider community. Our choir has, in recent years, performed at the Bridgewater Hall and the Stoller Hall in Manchester, as well as at more local events. The highlight of our musical calendar is our annual Musical Showcase, where children are able to showcase their musical talent and skill.

The Impact of our Music curriculum

As musicians at Broadheath Primary School, our children will be able to:

  • Sing together in an enthusiastically, confidently and skilfully.
  • Talk about music they listen to with confidence, using appropriate musical language.
  • Understand formal notation and use it to record music they have composed.
  • Develop individual musical skill through instrumental lessons.

Cultural Capital

At Broadheath, we endeavour to give children opportunities to experience music both as audience and performers.

Here are some examples of experiences children at Broadheath have had:

  • Year 6 trip to see the Tenebrae Choir at the Bridgewater Hall
  • Choir listening to and singing with the Salvation Army Brass Band each Christmas
  • Students from Salford University visiting to perform
  • Teachers from Trafford Music performing and demonstrating their instruments


What children say about music at Broadheath:

“I like singing all the different songs.” – Ahmad

“I like working as a team in choir.” – Heidi

“I enjoy the fun action songs we do in choir.” – Toby

“Singing makes me happy.” – Aaliyah

“I love learning about dynamics in music.” – Ava

“Singing makes you feel good.” – Mrs Thomason

“We have fun using the glockenspiels.” – Alice

“Music lessons make me excited because they are fun.” – Madhav

“Ukulele has been so much fun!” – Yousef

“I loved Samba drumming – it was brilliant!” – Hayley

 Music Development Plan



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