Welcome to Year 1


Welcome to Year 1

Our Philosophy

In Year One we ensure an excellent transition from EYFS, to support children’s well being and promote a love of learning. Our spacious classrooms and outdoor area are resourced with high quality, enhanced provision activities to develop and challenge learning. 

 Our Curriculum

We create a rich environment for learning by focusing lessons around a creative curriculum approach.  This begins with exciting experiences to draw the children in, for example a crashed spaceship in the year one playground! The creative curriculum promotes learning in all subjects and provides opportunities for children to enjoy new experiences. We have fabulous resources to enhance this, which include chrome books and Ipads. The curriculum is enriched by educational visits, visitors into school, and enhancements such as a specialist music teacher who provides skills and techniques which result in a fabulous music concert. 


Within our classes we celebrate the diverse experiences and cultures the children bring to school. This helps children feel confident, accepted, and develops an understanding of the world around them. Our classes provide safe and nurturing environments for children with special educational needs who are supported by highly experienced support staff. 


We pride ourselves on the relationships we establish with parents using class dojo as a communication tool, we have an open door policy. We celebrate and share the work the children do through regular show cases and open events which our parents enthusiastically attend. 

 Wider Opportunities

Our school is lucky enough to have a PE specialist who works with the children each week to develop their sports skills, resilience and teamwork. The children are eager to join in these lessons and there are further opportunities for them to use these skills in our extensive after school clubs. Each Christmas, the children take part in a festive production showcasing their singing and acting skills!


Building wonderful classroom communities with parents, carers and pupils.

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