Geography at Broadheath

 “An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfillment.” 

David Attenborough


The intent of our Geography curriculum at Broadheath Primary School is to Inspire our pupils interest in the World around them, develop their understanding and practise the skills needed  in the subject and help pupils to Succeed in their journey towards becoming a successful and inquisitive life long Geographer:

  1. Develop a sound knowledge of Place within a global context including comparison of locations, places and geographical features via good quality resources and experiences.
  2. Understand the Environmental conditions, processes and interactions that explain the geographical features and changes over time and human impact on our World.
  3. To be curious in geographical enquiry and confident in the of skills in observing, collecting, analysing, evaluating and communicating geographical information through practical activities and regular fieldwork opportunities.


 Our Geography curriculum has been thoughtfully planned and structured to provide progression throughout our learners journey through Broadheath Primary School.  In Nursery and EYFS  children will learn about their immediate surroundings through practical learning and exploration of their local environment.  Each year, learning will cover a growing area, from our local area, to a local, regional then global context. This understanding will build on the firm foundations of their prior knowledge and pupils will develop their understanding of geographical concepts, skills and vocabulary. As pupils progress they will begin to make connections between concepts taught and apply this understanding to their understanding of place, the environmental impact of humans on their planet and their own role in making lifelong sustainable choices.

Within our teaching at Broadheath Primary School we apply Adaptive Practices to enable all learners to achieve their full potential and are accessible for all. These include ensuring that activities are communication friendly for all, there is pre-teaching of new vocabulary for those with Special Needs, activities are broken down into chunks to help build understanding and real life connections are made.


  • Broadheath pupils will be confident at locating places on a range of maps, globes, atlases and using digital sources of information and understand scale.
  • Pupils will make comparisons between their own locality and many different geographical regions and describe aspects of  geographical similarities and differences.
  • They will have a deep understanding of human impact on the globe and discuss their own role in this.
  • Develop skills in fieldwork, building on prior skills and analyse data from a range of sources.
  • Understand and describe a range of locations using accurate geographical vocabulary and make links between these.

 Cultural Capital

 The Geography curriculum  at Broadheath Primary School provides opportunities for the pupils to learn about a range of places across the globe which acknowledges their own experiences and builds on this as they progress through our school. They will explore local environments such as woodlands and pupils will have the opportunity to visit contrasting localities to their own, for example the coast and the Peak District National Park.  On their learning journey, they will have the opportunity to find out more about the rich cultural diversity of our planet and recognise the need to value and cherish this.

 ‘Geography is the subject that holds the key to our future’. (Michael Palin)










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