Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages at Broadheath

Modern Foreign Languages (French) is taught in class, by the class teacher throughout Key Stage 2.  The children are taught using the carefully structured Catherine Cheater Scheme (Golden Daffodils) which builds year upon year, on knowledge already learned.  It ensures progression from year to year and class to class. This is supplemented by Early Start and 2 Simple  French.

The children have the opportunity to learn basic words and phrases, building to more complex work using a variety of different teaching techniques and media.  These include direct teaching, songs, action rhymes, stories, dances and a range of Computing.

The emphasis is on:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Grammar


Catherine Cheater Scheme of Work: Years 3-6. (Golden Daffodils).

Early Start 1 (Lower Key Stage 2)

Early Start 2 (Upper Key Stage 2)


Catherine Cheater selected story books.

Catherine Cheater songs and rhymes.

Early Start DVD clips and activities.

ICT based programmes e.g. 2Simple software (in all KS2 classrooms).

BBC French story collection.

BBC French programmes.

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