Art and Design

Art and Design at Broadheath

A wide variety of opportunities and experiences are provided to stimulate children’s creativity and imagination.  Art is taught through a creative curriculum, using cross-curricular links.  Children participate in visual, tactile and sensory experiences to develop their own responses to and understanding of the world.  Activities using different media are provided to enable children to present their ideas and feelings in a variety of ways.

Children are encouraged to communicate and develop their personal responses using colour, texture, form and pattern.  They gradually develop skills and knowledge, increasing their confidence to interpret, criticise and appreciate the diversity of art and design in different cultures and times.

A diverse range of artists are used to inspire children in their work, both traditional artists and current artists.

Enjoyment enriches pupils experiences in art and design, celebrating their achievements in public through display.

Planning and Assessment

Planning includes opportunities for the children to build on their prior learning, developing a range of skills. This can be in topic planning or as discrete lessons.

Target Tracker is used to assess the childrens’ progress against the 2014 curriculum.


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