Exciting times are afoot!

Planning permission has now been granted and a building firm selected. Conlon, a family company, will be working closely with us to ensure the smooth running of our building project. Conlon are familiar to our local area as they renovated Altrincham Market recently. They have also carried out a number of school expansions and complete rebuilds so we are sure that we will be in safe hands.

A great educational opportunity!

The project begins in April and we hope to engage the children in the build at every stage. Conlon will work with classes and come into assembly to keep the children informed about the building work and most importantly will talk about the health and safety side of building sites. We also plan to take this opportunity to get involved in science and mathematics activities, bury a time capsule and consider employment opportunities (designers, engineering, architects, builders, electricians, surveyors etc). We are all very excited to watch the building develop!

Charlie Conlon

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