It’s the end of term already and the children and staff are certainly ready for a well-earned break!

Please read the following messages and updates for your information.

Gingerbread day

Thanks go to G-Force for another fabulous gingerbread decorating event. The children (and staff!) just love it!

New climbing structure in Reception

Christmas came early in reception with the opening of our new climbing structure! The children and teachers have been trying it out this week. It’s easy to get up, but a bit trickier to get down! I am sure the children will have hours of fun on it and by the end of the year will all gain the courage to reach the top and shout ‘I’m the queen/king of the castle!’

Attendance and punctuality

Attendance is recognised every week in school with stickers for the best performing class. Certificates will go out at the end of term for those who have achieved 100% attendance – very well done to those children!

Unarranged late collection – the governors have agreed that a £10 charge is to be levied to parents who regularly collect children after 3:30. This is the cost of after school club and will be charged on a nightly basis for parents who persist in leaving their children uncollected after school without prior arrangement.

Parking and crossing

Please consider our residents and park with care.  Remember the walking bus is for any children from Reception to Year 6 so do make the most of it. We meet at Waitrose each morning and leave around 8:45.

Please use the lollypop man to cross each morning and evening, reducing the risk of a road accident – after a month standing in as crossing patrol ladies, Mrs T and I recognise what a crucial role this is and how the safety of all is jeopardised by those who park irresponsibly.

Adrian (our Lolly-pop man) has been into school recently and sends his thank s to all those who have asked after him. He asked me to send his best wishes to all of our families. He hopes to be back at some time in the new year when he has recovered from his hip surgery.

Remember Bramley Farm and the Community Centre are happy for our families to park for short periods in their spaces. Please ensure that you park in allocated parking places as some people have been parking on yellow lines on the roadway rather than in the bays.

School Office

The office is open to Parents/Carers from 08:40 to 15:50, please notify the office of any sickness or absence before 09:00 hours each day.


Collecting from clubs

It would be helpful if parents would collect from clubs at the allotted times. If you arrive early you may struggle to gain entry.

Evolve – meal ordering system

The new meal ordering system is now up and running and although we have had some teething problems and frustrations initially, it is now running smoothly and ensuring that the children get the meal of their choice. It is essential that parents support their children in selecting their meals before the end of each Monday, it is advised to ensure that you register the meals for your child by the weekend to save the stress, please note that you’re ordering one full week in advance. Otherwise, those children will be served jacket potato with beans, which is the Trafford default meal.

The office have spent an extensive amount of time supporting parents with this, please log on to our website in the first instance for any additional information, which you will find under the parents tab and then school meals.

Should your child be unwell after having ordered a meal for them, please ensure that you cancel their meal on the my evolve hub lunch system, this must be done by 09:00hrs on the day of service by the parent/carer.

Christmas Festivities

Thanks go to our super staff who have once again worked tirelessly with the children to provide some heart-warming performances this year. The children have thoroughly enjoyed performing. Thanks also to all of the parents who attend. We feel lucky to be part of a supportive community which values the faiths and traditions of others. To all those who have attended, thank you once again for being such a kind and enthusiastic audience.

Christmas Fair

Our Christmas Fair was a great success. Thank you to all those who helped at the event and those who attended. This was a great afternoon for the whole community.


Christmas really wouldn’t be Christmas without the support of our PTFA. Thank you to everyone who has   supported our events and helped in the organisation of fairs, discos, cinema nights and performances this term. The PTFA committee show such dedication and commitment to all of our children and are a great asset to our school, we are very lucky to have them. They certainly need to put their feet up this holiday!

Trafford College Partnership

We have developed a great relationship with our partners at South Trafford College and a number of our parents have now taken part in some super learning opportunities. In the new year the College will be running another course: Keeping up with the children in Maths (Enrol 11/01/2018).


Our choir have really excelled themselves this term. They started off the christmas cheer for the whole of Altrincham as the opening act at the Altrincham Christmas Lights Switch-on and then went on to brighten the day in a local care home. Next they were invited to a very special event at Manchester Cathedral for the Children’s Society Christmas Celebration. Finally they hit the bright lights of the BBC at the Blue Peter Studios!!! We are all very proud of the commitment these children have shown to the choir and the fabulous behaviour that they display when they represent our school. Hats off to our school choir!


Please ensure that your child has the correct school uniform. Children in KS2 (Y3-Y6) must wear the school tie and all children should wear sensible black school shoes. Please ensure all items of clothing are labelled. Our school uniform has certainly stood out at a few events this term when members of the public have commented on how smart and colourful the children look.


This year we raised £380 in commission at the Scholastics Book Fair! Thank you to all parents who supported this event and bought books from the fair and to Mrs Birch for organising it.

Additional Day’s Holiday

There will be an unavoidable closure on Thursday 2nd May as we have only recently been informed of a local election. Moving forward, the Community Centre will become the official polling station from 2020.


Outstanding Effort this Half-term

Children sent to me for showing amazing effort and for challenging themselves this term are:

Emily H, Benjamin R, Sarthak K, Emily P, Amelia-Rose W, Siddarth, Lexie Bx2, Kimarni, Kian S-L, Noah A, Alisdair G, Mylie-Beau B, Dekota Tx3, Lily-May Mcx2, Hannah R, Georgia E-R, Rohan S, Joshua H, Ashaar M, Logan F, Jakob B, Zusanah B, Assad A, Kieran C-B, Amy G, Alannah T, Kai T, Aysha M, Demi-Leigh A, Taylor W, Harley B, Savannah S, Farrow D, Leon B, Meera D, Bradley H, Jack Mc, Max B, Vidahi T, Jessica T, Paige S, Mohammad A, Akshobhya J, Pratchi M, Alfie E, Carrie Dx2, Sophia Sx2, Oliwia B, Marlow T, Scarlett T, Grace D, Emily H, Jessica B, Fahad A-R, Ella M, Isabelle W, Saarika A, Olivia P, Lily W, Bobby P, Jack Kx2, Theo B, Himani B, Channelle R, Liam D, Tabitha C-S, Hannah R, Amelia V, William B, Leon Tx2, Charlie B, Lila A, Theo P, Tallulah J, Oliver Mc, Grace E, Sophie P, Zuha R, Elliott R, Aleah R-D, Dennis C, Ava M, Aiden A, Zayad E-G, Darania R, Dara I, Alistair B-R, Jerusha M, Jasmine K, Hallie S, Mason L, Issac Bx2, Thomas D, Freya N, alexa G, Nariman R, Lila, blake M, Maisie M, Megan-Rose L, Chloe P, Vaiddehi T, Christina T, Summer T, Tyler H.

WOW! We have so many superstars who have been really challenging themselves and showing a great attitude to learning. Well done to each and every one!

We look forward to another exciting term when we welcome you back to school on Thursday 3rd January 2019!

On behalf of the Staff team and all of our Governors, I wish you and your family a very peaceful Christmas and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2019. Please see the list of events attached.

Yours sincerely

Mrs. K. Lyde







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