Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to Year 1’s page where lots of exciting and interesting new learning is taking place!

In Year 1, the children have a ‘Can Do’ attitude and we believe it is essential that they develop a growth mindset to help tackle any challenges that lie ahead!

We teach a variety of topics throughout the year including; Our School and Local area, Carnival of the Animals, Superheroes, Babies and Play and Music through the Ages. All of the children are encouraged to work to the very best of their ability and are supported every step of the way.  Initially the children learn through play, but as the first term progresses, they are supported to become independent learners in readiness for Year 2.

We have daily phonics sessions where the children learn to identify the sounds in words and to blend them together for reading.  Every child in year 1 will take part in the National Phonics Screening Check in June, where our school’s results are consistently above the national average.

Highlights for this half term

This half term we have explored 2D and 3D shapes and their properties.  The children have enjoyed making art work using shapes.  In English lessons we have enjoyed reading books by Julia Donaldson and writing descriptive sentences. Our topic and science focus has been animals and fossils. We had the opportunity to look closely at real fossils and to make careful observational drawings. The children have worked scientifically to sort and classify animals, ask questions and think of ways to answer them.  We were lucky enough to receive funding from the PTFA for a ‘Curious Critters’ visit.  The children handled exotic animals like tarantulas, leopard geckos and tortoises! The Christmas Nativity play was a huge success and the children all sang beautifully!

Things to look forward to…






Building wonderful classroom communities with parents, carers and pupils.