How does it work?

  • You can order meals in advance and pay online via your PC, Tablet or Smart Phone at your convenience
  • You can maintain your child’s allergen information and dietary needs directly on-line to ensure accuracy
  • Meal order and payment information is securely passed to the School’s kitchen and office systems.

What are the benefits?

  • Your child receives the meal of your choice
  • Food waste is minimised and school costs are reduced, helping to maintain as low a meal price as possible.
  • Menu choices are restricted according to your child’s individual dietary needs:-

Menus are managed in relation to the 14 National   Allergens, Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal, Kosher, and   Meat Species – beef, pork, poultry, lamb and fish. (Other allergens can be managed by application only – or as advisory flag to kitchen staff only)

How does this help?

  • Having meal orders in advance ensures we order our food supplies as accurately as possible and prepare only the necessary meals required, thus minimising waste
  • The more parents co-operate, the more the school saves money on catering

What do you need to do?

  • The Cut Off Date for orders is 6 days before service. Ideally, we would ask you to order by Tuesday for the following week.
  • If your child is absent on the day, please cancel the meal(s) ordered for the term of the absence (9am at the latest on morning of service) or you may still be charged.
  • Please advise ASAP if your child changes from school meals to sandwiches (or vice versa). Be aware that charges will be incurred every day that a child is recorded as a diner.
  • If your child’s meals are free, please remember, that the school will still incur a charge so please keep us informed to help us reduce costs and manage waste.

The new system is now up and running for you to register by the 13th November, it will be going live on the Monday 19th November for all children who are registered.

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